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Building in-game tutorials

Being able to program a built-in tutorial. This would involve popups appearing with text and being able to point to certain items on the board. Also important is the ability to create events that wait for the player to do certain things, like moving a card from one zone to another or taking a specific right-click action.

These would be used for 2 distinct things imo: teaching the rules of the game (for those who have never played the game) and teaching the OCTGN version of the game (for those who know how to play the game but have never played it in OCTGN). 

This is really important for helping new players get into the engine, something that will become more and more important, and will fund the engine more and more.

Yeah it's something I've thought a bit about...The weird thing is we have no AI of any kind, and it almost seems inappropriate to run someone through a tutorial against another person. This would also require then some kind of one player mode for all games specifically for the purpose of doing a tutorial, and would require each game developer to develop their own tutorials.

It's not a bad idea, it's just a bit more involved I think than it seems on the surface.

Look into the Events system, its in the as that will allow you to trigger scripts on specific game actions

Yeah you could use that...but we still don't have any good ui for that kind of stuff.

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