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Cannot log in to OCTGN


My brother is running into a problem when he tries to sign in to OCTGN. He has the latest version of Microsoft's .NET Framework, and installed the latest stable build for OCTGN. When he tries to log in, OCTGN just grays out the 'Sign In' button and remains there. He can click the other tabs, so the program didn't freeze. He is also able to log into his account from the OCTGN website, so his log in credentials are correct.I have provided his log here: If it helps, he is in the Philippines and his internet is slow, so that might play a role in the error. 

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I'm having this exact same problem. It cannot retrieve newsfeed and just hangs on login.

It worked last one week ago before I went on vacation.

Having the exact same problem.  Did anyone figure it out and I've just missed it?

Try going to get your log file from my documents/octgn/octgn/logs/log.txt after you try and log in and post it here.

Log file attached.  

(28.1 KB)

I think I'm having the same issue. It seems like OCTGN is making some sort of network call repeatedly.

Here's a log.

I launched OCTGN, clicked on the "sign in" button and then waited about 5min before shutting down OCTGN.

(39.6 KB)
Before I had this issue, I was having another one where I would login and then click on "play or spectate" then it would freeze OCTGN. So, I uninstalled OCTGN and reinstalled it but I now now have the problem described above where OCTGN freezes after clicking the sign in button.

A little bit of added information is that (for me at least) it seems to be stuck in the Session Started state (on the bottom right) doing some kind of work.

I'm on Windows 8 if that helps.

OCTGN was working fine 2-3 months ago. Between then and now, the one thing that may be related to OCTGN starting to act weird for me all of a sudden is me installing Visual Studio 2013 on my computer which might have messed around with some .NET framework stuff.

Have this problem from time to time. It's pretty inconsistent actually.

I also have the issue on "play or spectate" that makes OCTGN freeze.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, with and without deleting the whole OCTGN folder.

Also tried downgrading nvidia driver since it updates frequently, but i wonder if it is perhaps related to a .net framework update.. Couldn't fix it at all..

Started happening something like two months ago.

I can play by being invited to a game though..

What operating system are you using? What computer setup are you using?

I'm on Windows 8.1. However, I launched OCTGN today, it downloaded the latest version and I'm not having the issue anymore.

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