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OCTGN.exe - Assert Failure

Problems to run OCTGN. :-[

This is the message:

 :( [color=blue]OCTGN.exe - Assert Failure[/color]

Expresion: [mscorlib recursive resource lookup bug]

Description: Infinite recursion during resource lookup within mscorlib. This may be a bug in mscorlib, or potentially in certain extensibity point such as assembly resolve events or CultureInfo names.

Resource name: Word_At

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1 person has this problem

Please look through this If that doesn't help let me know.

 not exactly, here's the complete text

Unfortunatly the log doesn't say anything to help solve the problem. Are you having the exact same error message Beta-Blocker?

 Here`s my log, any help would be appreciated.

(8.05 KB)
same with me.
I started playing today. Had 4 or 5 games, went out, got back and now it doesn't work anymore....