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OCTGN.exe - Assert Failure

Problems to run OCTGN. :-[

This is the message:

 :( [color=blue]OCTGN.exe - Assert Failure[/color]

Expresion: [mscorlib recursive resource lookup bug]

Description: Infinite recursion during resource lookup within mscorlib. This may be a bug in mscorlib, or potentially in certain extensibity point such as assembly resolve events or CultureInfo names.

Resource name: Word_At

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1 person has this problem

same with me.
I started playing today. Had 4 or 5 games, went out, got back and now it doesn't work anymore....


 Here`s my log, any help would be appreciated.

(8.05 KB)

Unfortunatly the log doesn't say anything to help solve the problem. Are you having the exact same error message Beta-Blocker?

 not exactly, here's the complete text

Please look through this If that doesn't help let me know.