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Help to change username

Hi my name is Jensen.

Ive recently registrered a profile on OCTGN under the name Mad-King, but i regret doing that and would like to change it to Jensen instead. Ive tryed to make a new profile under the username Jensen but thats not possible because my email is linked to the old profile and is already in the system.

Ive also tryed to search OCTGN and Google for a way to delete my old profile but it doesnt seem to be possible. Couldnt find anything relating to the subject. So im writing here and hope you can help me.Hope to hear back from you.

With kind regards


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In order to do this you'll need to submit a ticket(not make a forum post) from the email that you used when you signed up. Then you'll have to do a re verification, and then we can change your username.

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