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Altered card art (Server-side)

Subscribers should be able to upload proxies that are downloaded into a local cache whenever they start a game with other players. This way, the proxy is displayed to all users and scans of real-life, altered card art can be shared along with other humourous edits.

It'd get $3 out of me, that's for sure!

The idea isn't a bad idea, the only thing I worry about this is the amount of bandwidth it would create. Also, users would have to make sure they aren't sharing images to other users that they don't have the right to share(like if someone scanned some of their cards, in most cases you wouldn't have the rights to share those images).

Aren't the Magic cards we're playing with already trademarked and rule-breaking?

I love games with customization and play many of them. A limit of, say, 20 custom cards to be loaded per deck doesn't seem intensive at all. In fact, I'm sure it could be expanded to some amount more than that too. Additionally, these should all be saved into a cache and emptied when the game is reset.

Even better, the cache should be reset periodically anyways. Many players (Myself included) have been crashing as a result of the card preview cache getting too full. (From scrolling over to see the full version of cards.)

I can't speak to hown your using images, or even any specific game that's not official.

That's fine. Then there are no legal troubles with the proxies either-- Simply leave the content and it's risks in the hands of the users.

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