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On The Idea of Subscribing

 Hello, I've been using OCTGN for quite some time now for playing Android: Netrunner as I like the OCTGN interface and once you get the hang of it it's pretty smooth. Since I do use, and enjoy the service the idea of subscribing would come naturally to my mind. But while looking at the subscriber benefits a lot of it looks great. Especially game replays, which as a long time Go player is something I would really enjoy so I can review my own games. 


But there's a problem with the subscriber bonuses, a rather discouraging one. As of the time of this post the goal percentage is at 56% but there's these 4 great goals at the end to getting to 100%. That's a big gap! Would it not be a better idea to stagger these remaining goals at around the 70/80/90% areas to encourage more people to subscribe? 

 Now I don't mean to come off sounding as greedy or anything, I just want to put an idea out there. Look at the success many Kickstarter campaigns have with their more even staggered stretch goals. It works because it encourages new people to donate in to get to that next stretch goal for a new feature. I hope you take into consideration my idea to help you to be able to reach that 100% target faster. 

There are going to be goals for those percentages, and in fact we're currently building up a list for the 60% goal

Since the goal hasn't been fully defined yet, it isn't on the list.

Also, replays is a good Idea I think as well.

Great, glad to see you've already got that under way! 

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