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Data on the profile tab!!

just thought it could be entertaining to have a few entry points on the profile tab... such as :

-Time online (overall or average a week or average a day)

-Time spent in game ( break down for each game)

-Number of game played ( or session open and completed)

-Opponent played the most often

I also think some ppl might enjoy have a space to enter some info of their own:

-Skype username / teamspeak server info / or any other voice chat option info

-Next scheduled online availabilities (useful for leagues and tournament)

-Other stuff i haven't thought about yet, etc

Since there's a friends list, i suppose you guys could look into making the option of keeping that kind of info to be viewed by ppl on your list only...

anyway it was just a thought.... do as you see fit, O great gods of OCTGN... we praise you every day and are not wordy of your presence....

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Yeah all that sounds kinda nice

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