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Resizing Game Area

I'm playing LOTR on a Surface Pro, and any time I accidentally touch/scroll the background in a game, it shrinks everything.  I assume this is some sort of resizing shortcut, but I can't undo it or go in the opposite direction (i.e. make everything bigger again).  Everything I try either does nothing or shrinks everything further.  I'm sticking to solo games until I figure out how to get everything back to the default size - but I still wind up having to quit more games than I can finish due to this issue.  Help?

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Its probably unintended behaviour, octgn wasnt designed with touch controls in mind so its pretty unpredictable across different devices

I have exactly the same problem playing via Parallels for Mac..  Anybody every found a work around 

are you using touch on the mac? or do you have the problem just using the cursor? any more details are appreciated. there are some touch specific calls we might be able to try, but I don't think any of the active contributors have a touch machine to test with, so we need as much info as we can get if we're going to have any idea what we need to try.

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