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serious memory leak

 Im pretty sure octgn has developed a serious memory leak. once it has been running for a few hours, it is using over 2gb of ram, and if you leave it for really extended periods of time it can end up using over 4gb of ram. I think that is way too much for this small program to ever use, and i assume its a memory leak. It causes the game to be unplayable without a restart once it accumulates, and it would be awesome if it could be resolved. attached is a copy of my log file, hope it helps.                         THX IN ADVANCE!!

(3.26 MB)

These issues generally happen on older operating systems, like windows xp. What operating system are you using?

i use windows 7 x64 fully updated.


From your log it doesn't look like that's the case, the log is telling me xp actually.

what? why would i lie? what could i possibly gain from that? i havent had xp on a machine in years. I built this machine about 6-7 years ago, and its a q9550 @4ghz linked and synched with 8gb of 2000Mhz ram, TRI SLI 260GTX's, and 1500 watts of power. There would be no sense in running xp on something like this. Here is another, more recent log. maybe you can do more with it.


(518 KB)

Alright, please run this and paste me back the text you get.




Sorry about the delay, I had personal stuff to tend to yesterday evening. Hope this helps you eliminate the memory leak. BTW, just so you know, i have asked many of my friends, and every one of them has the same issue, regardless of OS. They just restart their client all the time to refresh the ram usage.


I tried twice to post the pasted text, i guess it wont let me, since it keeps deleting the post, so i made a notepad file, and pasted it there instead. Here you go.
EDIT: apparently it posted and just didnt show up for me until just now, sorry for double post if the other one goes through eventually as well.



I agree that it seems obvious that OCTGN leaks memory on Windows 7. Even playing just a few games and letting OCTGN sit for an hour will bring its memory usage from ~100M to ~500M. It can get above 1G if left overnight.

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