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Computer Freeze mid-game (only happens with OCTGN)

It's been happening for a while now but during most games, (not all, just most) of Game of Thrones LCG my entire computer will lock-up.  I can see my mouse cursor move and my friend reports that he can see me move cards around when I try to click the screen.  If I open task-manager, my entire screen simply goes back and I am forced to reset my entire computer.  Surprisingly, I am still able to switch to a different account while the account that has OCTGN open is completely black.  I usually use Skype during games but it's happened on other programs as well such as Google+ chat.


Windows 7 64-bit w/ SP1 Ultimate

8 GB Corsair RAM sticks (4GB each)

Intel i5-3570K CPU

Sapphire Radeon HD 7850

This never happens when I run any other programs, (high-end games; Photoshop; etc...).   

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