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Can't spectate any games

'Unknown error, please try again' when trying to spectate.

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Samer we both have this problem and the deck editor problem, i think these problems are kinda connected


Experiencing the exact same problem here aswell, but not only I am not able to spectate games, I also cannot join them. 

Also, weirdly, if I host a game, I just keep seeing the loading box, then I turn off OCTGN, re-log and I can see in listed games my own game I've hosted. Funny.

In regards to this problem, I've did everything again - uninstalled, deleted OCTGN folder, installed again, rebooted and then when it didn't work - shut down. But the problem persists and this renders my ability to play any games.

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Me too, I can't start a new game, join an existing game nor open the deck editor.

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