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Deck Editor isnt launching


after the update the deck editor isnt launching anymore. I tried uninstalling, installing the unstable version, and installing new games in order to see if the editor will work for newly installed games. log is attached, thanks in advance

(87.3 KB)

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Everything seems to be working properly now.

Thanks a lot for the great support!

All good now with ver!

Great support!

A new version is coming out now that should fix this, let me know.

I am still experiencing the same issues. I can not start a game, join a game, spectate a game, or open the deck editor. Here is my log, hope it helps. Thx in advance doc!


(77.6 KB)

Ok there is a new version comming out in 15 or so that should fix the deck editor issues.

Thanks d0c!
thx doc, you are such a diligent guy. you are awesome! I hope you know how much we end-users appreciate all of your hard work to keep this program running smoothly for all of our enjoyment.


This issue is being worked on and will be fixed soon.

No windows are launching, join, spectate, always unknown error, try again

Same problem.

(29.8 KB)
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