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OCTGN create custom set


I am trying to make my own custom set of cards, you know, home made heroes and quests.

I have made those cards in the strange eons program, then converted them to JPG.

afterwards i gave each card its own GUID and linked those to a set.xml file.

I have problems with creating an image pack of those files. If i install them manually, it is based on sheer luck if OCTGN recognizes my custom cards. Had to copy and replace the files about 20 times or so in the correct directory before it recognized it in the deck editor screen. When i try the same principle with a friend's computer, it doesn't work at all. 

Also if i create an image pack (.o8c) and try to add that to the program in the game manager tab, it says it is invalid.

I have followed the developer guide to the letter, but i am not sure what i am missing here. 

Can anyone please help me?

thx in advance


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Really no one has any idea?


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