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OCTGN UI no go

It was hard enough getting version running in VirtualBox on my MBP. Everything was finally working with this version. I subscribed and everything!!! Now today! It started, downloaded and installed version, and when it starts, NO UI! Damn windoze!

Can I turn off this auto update??!!! I want to go back and use 143. When I uninstall 144, and reinstall 143, it starts like it should, then auto updates and NO APP!!!

I need to cancel my subscription if this is a no go, Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no logs to show cause there is no visible error code showing up. Just octgn.exe in the Task Manager Processes window taking up 50564k of memory, and no ui visible.

I have the same problem man. Exact same symptoms. Hope to find a fix for this soon. I have done a little research, and it seems that people that had similar problems in the past, actually ended up having to wait for another update to fix the issue. I hope that they do a small patch update to fix this soon.


So there is no way to stop auto updates?!!!


I have tried every single possible options to try and install OCTGN and it it just won't launch. To keep it simple, I make a fresh OCTGN install, installer runs with no errors, I get the first box that asks me if I am running my OS on Wine, I say no, cause my OS is Win7. After that... nothing. I check processes tab, it shows OCTGN, but there is no OCTGN to be found in applications or if anything that would be happening at all. It just gobbles about 39,000 - 60,000 K memory. I double click again on the shortcut, check processes and I see another copy of OCTGN running, but no action on the desktop or applications tab. The shortcut path (symbolic link) matches .exe file it is pointing to and even when I close all the processess, I run directly the .exe file from OCTGN folder. A few things to note:

1) If I uninstall OCTGN and then re-install it, "are you running wine blabla" box doesn't show up. Although that might not help you, cause I've checked settings in config, so I could just make it to false. Or maybe if I just uninstall, a part of config remains and is used after I install once more.

2) After deleting anything that has to do with OCTGN on my PC, I downloaded unstable version in hopes of launching OCTGN, alas it didn't work.

3) I actually had it working just yesterday when I was playing Netrunner with my friend.

4) Today, when for the first time I wasn't able to launch OCTGN, after clicking shortcut, it asked me to install OCTGN, even though I am 100% sure I didn't delete it.


OCTGN updated the version ( and the program is not opening anymore. I can see the process in the Task Manager and, every time I click on the OCTGN icon, a new process is starting but no window appearing. I tried to uninstall and install again but nothing changed. I tried to uninstall and install an older version ( and OCTGN started regularly, then searched for the updates and made me update to the last version so... back to my problem. I hope there's something that could be done, thanks a lot. (I use a WinXP virtual machine on my VirtualBox)

Ok people, please upload your log files from my documents/octgn/octgn/logs/log.txt that's the only way we'll get a clue as to what's happening.

here sir

(11.6 KB)

 here is mine as well. thank you for your time on a sunday evening. i did not expect any response from admins until at least tomorrow. you have my respect sir.

(11.4 KB)

Ok I have a new version that should be out in 10 minutes or so. . You can get it from when it's ready. Once you see the page say the current main download is, download that and try it out and let me know how it goes.

you are awesome doc!
ill download and give you feedback asap.


no luck. same issue persists. here is another log for you to review. hope it helps.


(7.97 KB)

Have you tried restarting your computeR?

If that doesn't work, try to backup and delete your config files my documents\octgn\config

Still no go. Tried new version and deleted config files.

(13.2 KB)

Same problem here. I even try to uninstall and to remove the whole OCTGN directory before installing again...

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