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OCTGN UI no go

It was hard enough getting version running in VirtualBox on my MBP. Everything was finally working with this version. I subscribed and everything!!! Now today! It started, downloaded and installed version, and when it starts, NO UI! Damn windoze!

Can I turn off this auto update??!!! I want to go back and use 143. When I uninstall 144, and reinstall 143, it starts like it should, then auto updates and NO APP!!!

I need to cancel my subscription if this is a no go, Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no logs to show cause there is no visible error code showing up. Just octgn.exe in the Task Manager Processes window taking up 50564k of memory, and no ui visible.

ver seems to have done the trick. Working for me now!

Thanks a lot for your efforts.

it works! thanks again doc. you are the best!


A new version is coming out now that should fix this, let me know.

doc similar problem with this version, cant seem to open games or spectate.

I'm running the latest update - - and am still running into this issue.  Can log-in but can't start or join a game.

Here is the log:

Deck editor wont launch. Anyone else?

Thanks d0c! Very much appreciate your efforts! Excellent support of your product.

Same. Working again. Just what the "doctor" ordered. Cheers mate

Great, I'm glad it's working again for you.
it worked. my octgn is working again! thank you tons d0c, you are the best. i wouldnt have ever ask you to stay up all hours of the night working on software that is provided to us for free, but you did it anyway. You are absolutely amazing.


Ok I've got a new version coming up here, should be out in about 15 minutes. It's version so just keep an eye on the downloads page for it and let me know how it goes. As always, if it fails, toss up your logs again so I can have another look.

This is Dalius, I have downloaded the newest version as per d0c's instructions, still nothing's happening. Uploading my most recent logs file. Also, I've tried to ipconfig /flushdns from cmd, but nothing happened, as per d0c's recommendation.

P.S. I've noticed, that when I select I want a shortcut to be created on my Desktop, it never shows up after every new fresh install.

(12.1 KB)
Also could try and flush your DNS and see if that helps. But send log files for sure.
Upload your logs, I can't find anything wrong on my end.

Same problem here. I even try to uninstall and to remove the whole OCTGN directory before installing again...

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