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Can't Install

 When I try to run the .exe I get the error. Any ideas? 

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I think you may have an OCTGN.exe process running in your task manager still. Either opening your task manager, and closing it manually from the processes tab, or a simple reboot of the machine, should solve your issue. This is assuming you have not already done so, since this post is several hours old now.


I just had the same issue, but clearing the task manager let it install. However now that I have it installed it wont launch the program though task manager says its running.,

yes, there is apparently an ongoing problem with this. I am having the exact same issue. There is another thread posted concerning this. We will more than likely have to wait for an update tomorrow or sometime this week for a fix.


You could try and upload your log file from my documents/octgn/octgn/logs/log.txt

If this problem is happening in the installer, I'm not sure what to say. You might want to try and redownload the installer, or check your operating system from problems.

Also, this guy is having a different problem than this one . If your problem is octgn not starting up, go there instead, this guy is having installer issues.

doc, did you not see? i answered his question about his install issue. he just had to end the already running process of OCTGN.exe, and it worked.


It says he never replied, that was someone else who replied back to you.

Well, that is true, but the other response verified the suggestion. I have experienced the same issue, and resolved it with the same steps. Apparently other people were able to resolve the same issue with the aforementioned steps as well, so its pretty safe to say, that was the solution.


Oh, you mean that error dialog box was fixed by killing octgn in the task manager? Yeah I suppose that makes sense.

indeed, that was the fix. btw, i hope i didnt come off as rude from my last posts. I just read them over, and they seemed a bit abrasive, which was not my intention.