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Cannot start OCTGN

In last three days I cannot run the whole program. It reports this message: 

OCTGN.exe - assert failure.

expression: mscorlib recursive resource lookup bug

description: infinite recursion during resource lookup within mscorlib. This may be a bug in mscorlib or potencially in certain extensibility points such as assembly resolve events or CultureInfo names. Resource name: Word_At

Does anyone knows what that means. My problems are I am non- English speaker, so I don´t truly understand what the report says and that I am not very familiar with IT-language (user only :)   ).

Can anyone give me some advice, what can I do with this problem? Is this progmel somewhere on my side or is something wrong with OCTGN itself?

Thanks a lot...

PS - one day it showed this message and I cannot log in (this message appears before there is a "log in table"). Yesterday I playde games without any problems, all worked well. Today is this bug report again there...

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Can you try this, it fixed it for me :

Open "documents/octgn/config/settings.json" and change the line where it says 

"UsingWine": false,


"UsingWine": true,


I have the same problem but changing that line didn´t help me att all sadly.

Anything else that will work?


Thanks a lot for your comment. My playmate found a similar threat, where this issue was described and fixed it that way you described a few days ago, so thanks a lot.


I am an absolute IT "rookie" (or how to say it), so I don´t know exactly what the friend of mine was doing, but it was something similar to what GoAInside wrote, and since then it works without problems. Sadly I cannot give you any advice. But I know that there was some threat on this site where he found an answer and there were more informations about this issue. I sadly don´t know its name, but try to find it somehow

It seems like there is something whit the latest version of OCTGN that does it for me. I have no idea what but i hope they will fix it soon.

How are you guys running octgn? What platforms etc?

win 7

Hi! I'm also having problems with my octgn. It was working fine yesterday then when I tried to run it today, I can't login anymore. I even uninstalled it, deleted the config files, and installed the latest stable version ( But I still can't login. Any ideas on what I should do to resolve this problem? Thanks!

I had this problem, unistall and install again. The problem persists. Today I change the line as the first answer shows and worked. Let´s see tomorrow !