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Cant login anymore


I cant login anymore for two days now. When I click "Sign in" it stays the way u see on the attached screen. I already re-installed OCTGN and tried everything with  a de-rezzed firewall. Due to the facet that I cant find someone else having the same problem or anything on twitter I guess its a homemade problem. Any ideas how to solve it? 

Additonaly to the mentioned problem, I always need to restart my computer when I start OCTGN again after quitting it. Otherwise i get the also attached Failure notice.

Thanks for helfp an ideas!!

Are you using wine or parallels or any other kind of VM?

yes, bootcamp. Don't know what happend or what changed but i am able to login again.


I can't remember where this second, but there is a forum post of people having the exact same issue and they found a resolution.

found it and it works! THX

Open "documents/octgn/config/settings.json" and change the line where it says

"UsingWine": false,


"UsingWine": true,



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