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Frequent mini-disconnects

I'm frequently getting disconnected from OCTGN today. (Frequently = every few minutes) 

It's happening to others too.

I'm about to get a subscription, but these issues with connecivity are a big turn off.

are you sure there isn't connection issues with your internet? Things like simultaneous downloading/uploading in the background, or even a high ping or internet throttling from your ISP can affect how stable OCTGN can maintain a connection to its server.

Seems like it affects ppl from Europe more?
My net is fine. Is the OCTGN server?


Yes. It is possible that people in europe have more issues. Currently we only have a server in Florida. Spinning up a server over in Europe is part of the 100% goals we have for fundraising.

I'm having the same issue, and it's like every few minutes i'm being kicked and it's frustrating. I reset my modem, the game, and my computer and i'm still being kicked.

For me it actually was my ISP's fault in the end. If you are on Windows you can google WinMTR, enter the IP I posted above and see if there's any packetloss along the way.


Thats a good recommendation, I'll be sure to share it with others when they experience disconnects. The disconnection issue is a bit touchy sometimes because many users assume its an issue on OCTGN's end, when its actually an issue with their ISP (like you had), their home network, or their computer setup. OCTGN requires a constant online connection to its server during gameplay, and even the smallest hiccup or packet loss may trigger the reconnect process. Many online games have redundancies and safeguards that make quick disconnections invisible to the user, so users arent always aware of their internet stability

How to solve the problem, though?  It used to work fine last year. I stopped playing and when I wanted to play again today, I faced this very problem.

If you have Wifi/WLAN - have it checked out (or do it yourself if you can).
If you are on a wired connection to your modem/internet - call/write your ISP.


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