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cannot run OCTGN

 i have OS windows xp. i download OCTGN but when i start run i get answer:error launching installer.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Could you send a screen shot of the error?


(2.25 MB)

Did you try and redownload it?


I did, several times

can be problem OS windows xp?


Possibly. It's not a good time if your operating system won't even let you install it. Do you have the latest version of Windows XP, all of your updates all the way updated to the very most updated version of XP and the service packs?


I have latest updates and service pack 3.  just to mention that I had before 2 years OCTGN on my computer and successfully install and connect as on the server, but after a few reinstal windows xp I could re-run OCTGN. download it several times but I could not run it. Yesterday I tried again and it happens every time that picture I sent you

I'm sorry I'm not sure what to say. I'll have some other people look at this, hopefully someone will know what to do.


I solved the problem. I went to search the entire computer and found in it the version OCTGN that I downloaded last year. I managed to install and connect to the server. I thought I deleted all the old versions but the other one that worked. anyway thanks for the help, will serve for a second time.

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