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OCTGN won't open

I have registered and have downloaded the live version, it installs and then it opens on a loading screen. After a while it crashes and I have to use the task manager to close it. Can anyone help me?

No worries there was a problem with SSL files I think I got it running now.

how did you get the fix, i'm having the same problem.
also, let's play Call of Cthulhu LCG please!


The certificate is showing as expired as of a couple hours ago.  Has a new certificate just not completely propagated? Can I play without it by tweaking a setting?

I might have the same problem here. It starts loading and then the window disapear. I still see the icon in the taskbar but it's unresponsive. I reinstalled it a couple of times but it still does the same thing.


im having this problem to what can i do to fix it

 I've also go the same problem. King_in_Yellow, you mentioned something about SSL files? How do I fix that?

try going into documents/octgn/config/settings.json, where it says 'IgnoreSSLCertificates change false to true

It worked for me, thx a lot! Woohoo!


OK, we've solved the problem on our end now. If you've set that value, it's best to set it back.

Hey people, sorry I didn't post how it worked for me that day! It's like d0c said, something about SSL certificates. I left the window open for some time and then a notification popped up, and asked if I wanted to ignore the SSL files and I pressed Yes.

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