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Black screen on games manager


After a while where the soft did not even launch properly, he finally did ! But still... if i try to get into the Games Manager, it just shows a black screen, with nothing to pick and no textbox. Just a blackscreen...

Is there any solution?


Could you provide more information about your computer?

I run Windows 7 in 64 bits, what do you wanna know else?

Thx :)


Ok, then you most likely need to update your graphics card drivers.

I alas already did, they're up to date...


At that point I would guess your graphics card drivers or cards themselves have a bug in them. You aren't running on parallels or vmware or virtual box or wine are you?

No I'm not, and I assume there are no bugs since every other soft works properly...


Ok, at that point I would assume that there is a misconfiguration on your computer, or maybe you need to roll back your graphics card driver due to a bug, or .net on your computer is out of wack. I'm not sure what to say since I don't have access to your computer. I would recommend having someone look at it though.

Ok I thought you would find a solution but I'll seek help in my vicinity... Thx.


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