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Card Counting

Is goddamned painful.  Is there any way to simply highlight cards on the table and tell SIMPLY how many you have highlighted?  Like a number in the bottom left of the table window that acts as an overlay?

Playing games like MTG gets entirely too time consuming simply counting the number of mana you have sitting on the table or token creatures and so on since they stack close to eachother and there is no quick tally for them.  It's a bit absurd honestly.

Related; unique stacking rules would be nice as well, like stacking four forests vertically and then starting a new stack of four instead of continue indefinitely.

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I like the overlay idea, hadn't ever thought about that.

As far as the issue with stacking, stacking happens on a game to game basis, the developer of specific games can decide to write their own card alignment system, and this is the case here. You can get in contact with the developer of the game and request this feature, but on our end there is nothing we can do about that.

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