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Cheatting on OCTGN

I was just wondering if it was technically possible to cheat during online play on OCTGN.

I'm not a programmer but i can imagine that since octgn has open source code it may allow dishonest players to somehow change the order of the cards in their/my decks or magically "spawn" them from their deck card pool to always have the advantage.

You may call me paranoid but some Star Wars LCG games i play on octgn seems to be unbelivably unbalanced with my oppoent having all the best and/or most appropriate cards on table and me not even being able to muster any viable unit as they are all stashed at the bottom of my deck( which means i would never muster them).

I would be grateful for a response in that matter though i realise there will be no direct answer to my query.

The short answer is yes. There are lots of safeguards in place to catch cheating though. In your case, you're saying maybe the other user is changing their deck so they can draw awesome cards? That one is safeguarded against. There is a hash of every card in each persons deck and it's shared between all people. If someone draws a card and it doesn't match the hash they originally sent then it will show you an error message saying they may have cheated. There are still ways around that, but it's pretty unlikely.

Also, OCTGN wasn't designed with rules enforcement and competitive gameplay in mind so certain aspects, including the open source nature you suggested, prevent OCTGN from being a truly cheat-free environment.
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