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it doesnt rehost

 In lotr-lcg, you can't rehost. You must quit out the octgn.exe and return to run. But if you quit out of a game and you return to host directly, you can't. Rehost from a game playing or spectatinc, it not matters how... but can't rehost.

This was supposedly corrected before spectating went live.  I can't seem to duplicate that behavior.  Could you give me more details on what happens when you try to host after you've been in a game?


True, and it always happens, me and friends. When we quit out from a game, and we want to host a new game or join that one..., all we must reboot octgn.exe. We cant by only rehosting.

For example: i'm spectating (or hosting) one game. I quit out and i click on 'start' to begin a new game. It delays a lot of time and finally a window displays reading that i cant. The second time, finally i access to the window where the hoster wait for a joinned gamers. But it reads 'you have been disconnected...' in red words. And friends can't join that my game.

Found it, the fix will be released soon, I think

Nice, it seems work good


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