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+++ Fetching fresh scripts. Please Wait... :::WARNING::: Cannot download card scripts at the moment. Will use locally stored ones.

Righty So every time I try and play Netrunner, even after doing multiple fresh installs of both OCTGN and the plugin itself, it gives me this error, which I assume is the reason that any time I attempt to use cards with any scripting, such as the NEXT ability, or Dirty Laundry, OCTGN locks up completely and I have to close it.

Is there some way I can fix this? Does anyone else have this problem, or had it and fixed it? I'm totally stumped so I'd greatly appreciate any feedback.

Oh I suppose I should also clarify this is a recent issue (2 or so weeks) and I've been playing Netrunner successfully on OCTGN for about 6 months now.

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