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New Game Developers looking for help

Hi, a group of friends and I are creaitng a new game and we'd like to use Octgn to develop it and play test it and eventually release it. We are struggling a bit with how to get started. 

We all have a little coding experience, and bachelors and masters degrees in technical fields, but none of us are true programmers really. I am sure we can figure it out with hours of painstaking trial and error and piecing together the info on the wiki, but it would be a huge benefit to us if someone with some experience at using this tool in a development capacity could help us out. I bet an hour or two of someones time who is experienced woudl save us about 40 hours of effort.

If anyone would be willing to do a skype call with us sometime and do some screen sharing to help us get started and get us to the point where we are just editing the xml files, we'd be really greatful. We could paypal you some cash or right a really awesome review about you! Whatever you want, just let us know.



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if you have an IRC client you can find the OCTGN chatroom at #OCTGN, there are usually game developers in there that can help you figure stuff out.  The wiki is designed more as a reference point than a starting point for new game devs, so it's kinda overwhelming at first.

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