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flip cards enter the battlefield already flipped, but only for one player!

So I noticed this happening a couple of times already. In MTG, if my opponent has a flip card transformed (such as Delver of Secret), then the subsequent Delvers that he cast will appear to me as already transformed, which they should not. Moreover, from my opponent's point of view, the card is not transformed! (So fixing this problem is not just a matter of flipping it back: it will always appear incorrectly for one of us.)


Could you leave a little more detailed information of your problem here ? I believe we thought this was fixed, as no one reported it again until now.

 Hi Kelly Elton,

The problem described in the link you provide doesn't appear to me to be the same as the one I'm describing. Firstly, brine talks about "alternate and original version of a card" and it's not clear to me that he is referring to a card and its flipped counterpart.

Assuming that is the case, then the problem he describes, as far as I understand it, is that if two identical cards are put on the table and one is flipped, than the other flips automatically as well. (I tried this experiment by the way, and the second did not flip.)

The problem I've been a witness to is that if there are two players in a game, and if player A has a flip card on the table that is flipped, and if he plays another copy of the same card from his hand, then it will appear on the table to be flipped, but only to player B. To player A, it will appear unflipped (as it should).

Please ask questions if anything is unclear.

Alright, thank you for the clarification

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