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Color blind, and can't read numbers well because of it

Hello all, and thanks for reading!

So, the title explains my predicament, but I'll specify. All of the fields where I can enter text (in game chat, life counter field, etc) have the font being this really weird blue color. Due to my colorblindness I can barely make it out, and it gives me a headache to do so. 

I really love everything else about OCTGN, but this could be a deal breaker. I'd hate for something so minor to be the case. Can anyone help?

Thanks again,

- a guy who wears brown on St. Paddy's

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Hello all,

So, I fixed it. Figured I should say how for others needing it. If you're running windows 7, go to the desktop and right click anywhere there isn't anything. Click personalize. Click window color, and click the advanced settings hyperlink. under item, select 3d objects. This setting is apparently where OCTGN pulls some font data. Change the color to whatever works best. (if you don't have windows seven, try to find the way to change 3d object font colors some other way through the control panel)

Hope this helps my color blind brethren in some way! 

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