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Official Request For Macintosh Support

Macintosh users should join this thread to show your support for the OCTGN team building a Macintosh version. More importantly, indicate what level subscriber you are signed up for. I'll start off with the general format.

I support the request for an OCTGN Macintosh version.

Glen Lawson - Gold Member since October 2013 

Edit from moderator

We will make a mac client at some point, but the following information is for users that want to run it on a mac before then.

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It'd be nice to have something other than Lackey for Mac.

+1 ! :)

Me five!  

The smart thing would be to make OCTGN a webbased application. That way, the platform (windows, mac, linux, chromebooks) would not matter.

Yes pls.


+1 (and I know of several others that would add their vote)

Yep, +1
I have several friends who've been left out in the cold when my friends and I get online and do big multiplayer games, basically because we can't figure out how to use Octgn with Wine, and there's no Mac client.
Sad day :(

Thank you everyone for supporting this thread!

I wanted to cover two items with everyone here and future supporters to this thread.

First, I recommend you still get OCTGN by the following two means: try run a program on your Macintosh to support OCTGN or buy a cheap Windows desktop/laptop. 

I decided to buy a refurbished HP laptop running Windows 8 to solely run OCTGN and Norton 360. Sadly enough this laptop struggles to run OCTGN as it crashes frequently and OCTGN Support were not able to help me the second time after solving the first reason for the program crashing. This whole experience reaffirmed my love and support of Apple. I didn't want to run OCTGN on my Macintosh as I don't want anything Microsoft running on my Macintosh laptop. I am not interested in risking creating any problems on my Macintosh. But with all that said, maybe your experience will be better than mine and it's worth it. I just LOVE playing Netrunner, The Spoils, and Magic The Gathering on OCTGN when it works!

The second item is that once you are able to run OCTGN, please seriously consider becoming a subscriber to show your support and then let them know in this thread that you are a subscriber requesting Macintosh support. Only that way will the OCTGN team rightfully seriously consider our request.

Thank you again!

Can anyone help me with running octgn on Mac with virtualization? In Parallels it seems to run ok, but I can't login. With VMware it crashes before I can even try to log in.
I tried to get it working through wine but to no avail, despite having ported several games myself through winery. I would definitely support the development of a Mac version!

We have multiple sources of octgn working correctly with wine. I would dig a little bit harder. You can even google search and find a play on linux script for it. One of the more common mistakes is someone having Mono installed on their wine, if you have mono in your wine, it won't work.


Well, I'm using Winery to create blank wrappers, so no risk of mono being installed. Had some problems installing vcrun2010, turned out there was a dependency missing (msxml3, which is not indicated in the wiki but got added to the script you were mentioning). Fiddled around but still end up with a critical error. Oh well...

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