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Both Live and Unstable Installers crash on launch

Win7 Ult x64 SP1, with MSE (even with RTE disabled), can provide more system info if needed.

Installer just instantly crashes to the Windows Error Reporting dialog. Occasionally the window for the installer will draw, with installation options visible, but it will still instantly crash. Tried all compatibility settings known to man and Microsoft, disabled AV, redownloaded both files several times (in different browsers, for giggles).

Anything I can do to get this installed so I can see if it runs? 


I'm not sure what to say. My guess would be an issue with the internet or file permissions. Beyond that I'm not sure, we've been using the same installer for a long time now, and all it does is install files. No registry editing, or registering services or dll's. There's no reason it shouldn't work(also, as far as compatability. You don't want to run it as Administrator. Also don't set any compatibility settings it works on xp->8 just fine. 

Strange, just running it normally causes the crash, which is why I started running as admin, changing compatibility, etc. I used 7-Zip to extract the files to a directory, and the client will run until prompting me to update .NET/Windows or reinstall (heh) OCTGN. As of now I'm fully up-to-date on .NET and Windows but I still get the error.

Yeah that generally means something is pretty toasted on your pc. I'd recommend re installing windows personally. You can try to get help in #octgn irc channel on freenode, but ultimately that's where I think you're at. There are other tools or just reinstalling .net...but honestly, those don't ever seem to work. Really if those fail the only advice I can give you is to reinstall windows.

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