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Tablet Support?

 I thought I read somewhere on GitHub you were implementing touch support, is this correct?

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We've been making things more touch friendly yes. If you have specific parts you notice are difficult on a touch device, please let us know and we'll work on it.

Lots of table functionality has existed for awhile that works with touch. You can drag a card with your finger, etc. Zoom kind of works(but none of us have any devices to properly test it so it isn't perfect). The main interface has larger buttons to make it easier hit them etc. 

Ahh I see, I am in the market for a new laptop or tablet but haven't made a decision. I think it would be pretty cool to use OCTGN on a tablet though.


Yeah I agree.

"We've been making things more touch friendly yes. If you have specific parts you notice are difficult on a touch device, please let us know and we'll work on it."


Does this imply that there is a tablet version currently available? Or did you mean on a laptop with a touch screen or something like that?


Just curious because god seeing OCTGN on tablet would be so awesome. $$

Yeah I mean on a touch laptop, or a tablet running windows. 

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for this,  really appreciate the nuances of programming for keyboard and mouse as well as Touch.

I have a dell XPS13 with multitouch swivel display.

Several things don't work.

Scale the table with pinch: results in massive zoom out. no way to zoom back in.

Double click card to activate: simply doesn't seem to work.  I have no idea why not but the double click seems to simply be ignored.

I left the laptop at the office so I'll update this later with things that definitely do work.

Thanks for the info. The hard thing for me is that we don't have a real touch device to test with just due to budget issues.
Ok here is the promised update. Doesn't work. Key + mouse action. Problem when targeting or drawing in arrows. Mainly targeting. Context menu target options would be easiest fix I can think of. Life total is rough. Tiny little contact point. Would be better to have -on left and + on right of life total. Right click menu, font size is tiny. Regularly clicked wrong item in list. Zoom. As you know only zooms out. Again we need a work around to Reset table position. This function is useful anyway when someone drags a card way of the edge of you view and it auto zooms way out, so should be implement regardless of touch bits. You can also test this stuff via a Remote Desktop app and an ipad. Teamviewer is free and works well. Assumes you have an ipad or other tablet. Mostly it works though I've played three or 4 games now and they all worked to a greater or lesser extent. You need patient opponents though as it's much slower to complete any actions. And no targeting makes life a challenge. Keep up the great work and I'll be happy to beta test if required.
A specific android version would be so sweet. Would definetly pay for this!


I have an acer aspire v5 with a multi touch screen.  I volunteer for any touch screen beta testing.

I'm working on this now.  Just wanted everyone to be aware.  First task is to get zooming and table panning, then card actions.

Very cool!
Thanx for your effort.


surface pro 3.  when you touch a card everything zooms all the way out so it extremely tiny.

its been a year with this bug. please fix

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