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Sort Options for Picked Cards in MTG Sealed


I'm really into the sealed game mode right now and would like to make a few suggestions to improve the card selection interface.

1. We need to be able to sort our picked cards on the right hand side, just like we can sort our pool.

The simplest option, but that would only half solve the problem, would be to add the card sorting methods found above the card pool to your selected card pool on the right... but...

Even better, though, would be giving us the ability to drag the cards around on the right hand side, just like you can on the game table. Being able to quickly move your cards round, stack them in piles and order however you want is a big part of making your deck, so it would be great if OCTGN MTG sealed mode supported this. :)

2. It would be great if we could save specific booster set configurations and select them with a single click when creating a new Limited Game. At the moment you have to scroll down to your set of choice, click Add 6 times, then change the card type to Land and click Add again.

If we could have custom Limited Game configurations that could be selected when starting a new Limited Game, for example "M14 Sealed would be 6x Magic 2014 boosters and 1x Unhinged land", it would save time and be more user friendly.

Thanks for considering these suggestions and I hope to play more organised sealed games in the future! :D


p.s. could we also have a button to turn off automatic board zoom adjustment pls? :)

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