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Feature Funding

Hi, I recently discovered OCTGN and I am very impressed with it, and its potential.  Especially its potential :D

Now I would really like to see OCTGN to grow and i know you do to since I saw the Feature Funding Campaign.  But I really do not like the number of subscriptions approach to it and I am unlikely to contribute

-Subscription is rather old school and having charges on my card every month is annoying as heck.

-It puts a cap on how much a person can donate (3$ a month),  If I could pay upfront I would probably drop 20-30 dollars.

I suggest you start a capaign for a amount of money instead of amount of subscriptions.  Kick starter is all the rage now, you could use that... but if you're not comfortable with it perhaps you could have your own private fundraising campaign.  Hell open up a cash store and sell the upgraded features/vanities from there.  There is myriad ways you can fund OCTGN but picking the dated subscription model is not doing you any favors.

Best of luck, I am rooting for you :)


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Thanks for the ideas, but it is unlikely that we will change our model. If you subscribe for a year, it's $33 dollars. You can cancel after that by visiting your account page on the website. The effect is the same. 

We're looking for constant, ongoing support in order to not just reach a goal, but to keep going beyond that.

Thanks for the support.